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MOD Kit Installation Technical Support

First - How to tell what type of PCB is in your controller.
Type A kits are our first developed kits designed for the best speed, burst and dual trigger akimbo rapid fire.

Type B kits are the newly released kits with Drop Shot and many other versatile modes using the minimal component list for installation to make a quick easy install with the most functionality.

Type C kits are our most advanced kits that include all the above kits modes with the added ability to reflash the chipset without opening the controller - this allows for changing your modes list quickly and as many times as you want to.  This technology is not available in most competitors kits.

High Speed Rapid Fire Kits - TYPE A
(This section is for our fastest mod kits.  These include rapid fire, dual trigger rapid fire and burst is available in some of the kits.)
Detailed MOD Kit Install Guide     Video Install
User Programmable Install Guide
Link to Tactile Install Schematic

PS3 MOD Kit Install Guide

NEW 20 Mode (any modes can be selected) Kits - TYPE B
(This section is for the new universal type kits that include modes like drop shot, quick scope, tea bag, modes are updated regularly and the list increases constantly.  You may select the common mode lists or we can customize the list for you.)

A important feature of the Type B is calibration.  If you do not calibrate your controller it will not work correctly - so remember to calibrate first thing after you install it.  (Some chips have auto-calibration which will happen as soon as battery is inserted or in some cases when controller is turned on, these may not need a manual calibration.)
Video Calibration Instructions

This guide is for normal stick configuration.
Installation Guide     Video Install
B/LJ Schematic for Standard Installation
Simple Schematic for Standard Installation

This guide is for optional A/B install for modes like jump/drop shot and Halo special modes.
Optional A/B Installation Guide
A/B Schematic for Custom Installation

All NEW S1 Reprogrammable XBOX 360 MOD Kit - TYPE C

Installation Guide
Play and Charge Installation

Mode Selection Sheet
Reprogramming Instructions  &  Software Download
Video Reprogramming Instructions

Examples of install keeping both rumble motors
Pic1     Pic2     Pic3

FREE - S1 Hex Files to Load into Controllers
Create your own mode list here
8 Mode Sample HEX  &  Download
10 Mode Sample HEX  &  Download
11 Mode Sample HEX  &  Download
13 Mode Default HEX  &  Download
15 Mode Sample HEX  &  Download

Customer Selections
10 Mode Customer Choice  &  Download

Third Party Kits 

IntensaFire Install Page 1
IntensaFire Install Page 2

Playstation 3 Fan Mod Installation
For help with our PS3 Fan Mod installation see the document below:

Fan Mod Install Guide
Profiling Rework Stations - Technical Support

This section is for support information for assistance in the use of SpitFireMods profile packages.  These profile packages are available on our web site.

Portable Reflow Guide
YouTube Video Channel for Rework Support

Schematics for all TYPE A kits can be found here:
Matrix 4 Mode Burst
Matrix 4 Mode FAST
Matrix 6 Mode Burst
Matrix 7 Mode FAST
Matrix 7 Mode FAST Reverse
Matrix 8 Mode Burst
Matrix 8 Mode FAST
Matrix 18 Mode
CG 4 Mode Burst
CG 4 Mode FAST
CG 6 Mode Burst
CG 7 Mode FAST
CG 7 Mode FAST Reverse
CG 8 Mode Burst
CG 8 Mode FAST
CG 18 Mode

Index of Xbox 360 Instruction Manuals

Here you'll find Adobe Reader (PDF) manuals for all Xbox 360 products released in the United States and Canada. All manuals are printed in English, Spanish, and French.

To download a manual, right-click on a product and "Save As" to your computer.

To download the Adobe Reader, visit Adobe Reader.

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